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3.9 / 5

I liked this film adaptation of one of the most iconic superheroes to film. We’ve experienced two adaptations already with this being the third.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the Andrew Garfield series.


Still a fan of Tobey Maguire’s series despite the obvious ridiculousness.


Tobey Maguire is 42 years old already…


I don’t feel like that much time has passed since seeing the first Spider-Man to film series.

His “baby type of face” helps with aging

Spider-Man: Homecoming


The film is not really an origin story which is different, and I like different. The villains were interesting. After seeing this film, I did feel like Spider-Man was a ‘rat’, lol. It just felt as if he was trying too hard to gain the support of Ironman, his idol or role model. Therefore doing anything and everything to do good fits well into Spider-Man’s character. Still nonetheless a bit distasteful, in how he accomplished it. It is nice though the film isn’t that clear, cut, and dry.


However given you’ve seen the film, most likely whether or not Spider-Man acted to take down Vulture, Ironman probably would not allow his belongings to be stolen. I don’t think Tony Stark is that dumb. Thus, a test for Spider-Man from Ironman. Still distasteful as Spider-Man has to choose to screw over his love interest basically. She’ll probably be fine though, lol. She’s a smart kid going to college.



Vulture’s tech suit looked cool. I love sci-fi and cool technology. Thus, despite them being villains, it was cool to see the alien weaponry tech they forged.

Many reviewers on YouTube mention there are immense Easter Eggs in this film. Shame I don’t catch all the references. There’s not enough time for humans to catch every reference though. We like spending our time as we see best fit to be happy.

Nonetheless looking forward to future films in this series and potentially more of an active role in Avengers.

I do recommend to watch this if you like Spider-Man and especially if you’re more into the lore.

Overall a good popcorn flick.


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