Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

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2 / 5

Long film (2 hours 13 minutes)

This film has nice CGI, music, and visuals

The magic spells are cool BUT this film lacks that spark of the Harry Potter universe

The plot is simple yet very sporadic. It is difficult to really understand what is going on plus there is less attachment to the many characters

The casting is seemingly not bad however the Grindelwald villain doesn’t do much

Despite having seen all the Harry Potter films and the previous Fantastic Beasts, this installment of the Fantastic Beasts is not good

There’s immense potential for the third film to actually be good and exciting; given many characters were introduced in this film

This film is definitely one to rent if you really desire to see it. Even if you have an AMC subscription or another theatre subscription, you’re better off saving your time



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