• Visually appealing and great unique art direction
  • Awesome music OST
  • Great pacing and character performances
  • Humor is decent
  • Awesome seeing the various spider suits in action
  • Learned about new Spider characters I never knew existed
  • Excited for the whole immense potential for the entire Spider-Verse alone, plus Marvel

The art style, music, and acting in this film make it a 5/5 rating for me. Perhaps the only this year 2018. It opens up a whole new visual experience for films in general and obviously comic book adaptations. This film acts well to include whichever variation of live-action Spider-Man film you enjoy, given the Spider-Verse, which opens up a ton of potential for future films.

Whether or not this remains a standalone film (doubt it), you’ll have a great time at the Theatres. If you can see it in AMC IMAX or Dolby Cinema, please do to enhance your movie experience.

This is a film I would enjoy rewatching.


End Scene Post Credits is tasteful


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