4 / 5

Great DC origin entertaining film

Visually appealing with nice battle sequences

Good humor


This villain character above just looks too goofy and buggy, to take seriously. Interesting re-engineering of the Atlantis tech though, so props to him. Nonetheless, Aquaman fought him. The battle was short-lived however there will be more of this guy later I bet, in sequels.

Given how vastly huge the ocean is, it was awesome to see different Kingdoms and their vastly different ways of life due to evolution.

A lot of the film is spent underwater, which is great. The third act of this film is pretty interesting and entertaining. Especially the huge battle at the end. Not the greatest entertainment piece of all time however not usually seen underwater.  Similar imagery scenes in sci-fi space film battles (Star Wars for example).

Overall not expecting anything from a DC origin Aquaman story and left quite entertained. Hoping to see more sequels as long as the films stay fresh while entertaining.



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